Dive into the Tembo Language Revolution: Fun English Learning for Kids in Barcelona Schools!

Attention, schools and savvy parents!

Get ready to revolutionise language education with Tembo – where every English lesson transforms into an unforgettable adventure!

Say farewell to the dull routine of textbooks and welcome our dynamic team of language wizards! We’re injecting excitement into learning English through engaging extracurricular classes, within schools as well as offering Spanish at the Tembo Towers, in the centre of Barcelona. Imagine a world where education and excitement seamlessly collide.

Who says learning can't be a blast? Certainly not us!

Our curriculum is a vibrant mix of games, songs, arts, and crafts, turning every lesson into a carnival of creativity and linguistic discovery. Picture interactive games that sneak in vocabulary and crafting sessions that elevate language skills to a whole new level.

Our educators aren't just teachers.

They’re language mentors, igniting the bilingual spark in the next generation of children.

Are you interested in joining?

Join the Tembo language revolution, where each class is an exhilarating adventure, and learning becomes the coolest game in town!

If your child is happy, so are you.