Dreaming of an unforgettable Barcelona wedding?

Look no further – Tembo’s exceptional bilingual staff is your secret ingredient for a stress-free celebration that delights both adults and little ones!

Our Barcelona-based team isn’t just about babysitting; they’re maestros of joy, turning your event into a masterpiece of fun and excitement. While you’re immersed in the wedding revelry, Tambo’s Kid Wizards ensure your mini VIPs are treated to a world of enchanting games, laughter, and pure awesomeness!

Kids having the time of their lives

Imagine a wedding where every moment is carefree, and the kids are having the time of their lives, all thanks to Tambo’s dedicated staff. From captivating face painting to engaging games and delightful arts and crafts, our Barcelona playbook is designed to keep your little stars entertained throughout the celebration.

And the best part? You can savour every moment worry-free, as our Tembo team has your back. So, dance, celebrate, and immerse yourself in the magic of your Barcelona wedding – we’ve got the kiddos covered!

Ready to transform your wedding into a family-friendly fiesta? Trust Tembo – your Barcelona partner in mini-merriment! Because in Catalonia, when Tambo’s on the scene, everyone’s on cloud nine.

Ready to transform your event into a family-friendly fiesta?

Your Barcelona partner in mini-merriment!

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Because in Catalonia, when Tembo’s on the scene, everyone’s on cloud nine.