Your child gets to play and learn, you get to relax or work, and the whole family finds time to either have fun together or with friends.

A Family Club where all the family can thrive because they find the support and care that eases their life.


Finding it hard to choose a Daycare?

You wish to find a home from home where your child will go on excursions every day and enjoy play-learn activities.

Tembo Tribe 3-5

Looking for an alternative to traditional schooling?

We offer a project-based approach. The children can explore and express and form their opinion.


Seeking a camp that will entertain your children when school closes?

One where they finish their day with such bubbly happiness, it brings a smile to your face.


Wish to increase your productivity, find uninterrupted time?

We care for your child while you work in our family-friendly Coworking space. You will even be able to take a peek at them before getting back to work.


Need a kid’s energy burner, a place to play with your children or a playdate meeting space?

Tembo Ludoteca has plenty of space for your child to play while you either keep track of them while having a chat or join in their fun.

Birthday Parties

Searching for a special venue to celebrate your child’s birthday? 

You’re thinking about a tailored birthday, a sleepover party, a private pyjama party, or just to rent out a singular space.

Pyjama Parties

Aiming to turn your evening off into a special one for your child?

Try our pyjama parties and allow your child to enjoy an evening out with their friends. It’ll grant you plenty of time to dine out or chill.

Other services

Require a Nanny, an English teacher or some other service?

Whether it’s picking your children at school, minding a playgroup or helping you learn Spanish, we provide services that allow your family to blossom.

What’s singular about Tembo Family Club?

Bilingual. Immersing your child in a bilingual (English – Spanish) environment enables them to learn naturally both languages.

Daily excursions. Going out into the world helps the children develop, that’s why we go on excursions every day (weather dependent).

Low ratios. Reduced groups allow us to listen, understand and encourage every child’s development at their own pace.

Space. Tembo’s family club is a big industrial building that conveys a sense of freedom that unleashes your child’s creativity.

Flexibility. Families are diverse. This means their needs vary, that’s why we offer different options in every service.

This is what parents that have enjoyed Tembo services comment...

My kids love this place!!! Such a huge and exciting space. Lovely, personable staff and great location. Highly recommend! Lanica Slater
Fantastic space in Barcelona centre where the children are in good hands. They organise excursions and the activities are educational and fun. The team is super qualified, they talk various languages (Italian included). We wanted a place like this! Clarisa Ferrario
It’s a fantastic place for the little ones to enjoy. The space is really big and they have many and varied toys. There’s no place like it in Barcelona. They have a Ludoteca in the afternoons and an English-Spanish Daycare where the children either stay in Tembo or go on outings (they take them to many places). The team is friendly and professional. The kids are well looked after. And not to forget that there’s a Coworking for parents. It’s brilliant!

Are you ready to get to know us better?

To get a feeling of the friendly team. 

To admire Tembo’s singular space. 

To find your family’s happy place.