Let your child be a kid a little longer

We offer an alternative (project based) to traditional early year schooling. A smaller and more family-like environment with bilingual teachers where children are allowed to be themselves.

Starting school at 3 feels too early for your child?

Although not mandatory, most Spanish families start their children at 3 in mainstream schools.

Yet you feel your little one isn’t ready for such a huge step, or that the style of learning and teaching won’t suit your child.

That’s why you wish you could find a way of making the absolute most of your child’s childhood.

To discover a place to transition from daycare to primary school with a gentle approach. 

That is fun and all about exploring, listening, and forming their own view of the world.

At Tembo early years in Barcelona, the brightness that lights your child’s eyes is our development measuring tape.

Tembo Tribe 3-5 is a fun service where children learn through experience, problem-solving and project work.

Teaching with a project-based method.

Based on real projects and on subjects that interest them. Where we work all areas that are included in the curriculum (language, maths, science, etc.).

Based on the child’s individual interests.

We adapt our teaching to the children instead of to the system. We guide your child at their own pace and welcome their energy.

Learning by “doing”

Your child learns more than facts, they touch, see, and explore the project to understand it.

Instilling life skills

They learn to listen, talk, think, and take part. They develop skills that will serve them in their education and life too.

Immersed in English and Spanish

To continue your child’s education in English and Spanish so they can settle nicely into school whether you remain in Barcelona or not.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to watch your child run beaming into early years?

Why choose Tembo Tribe 3-5 as an alternative to traditional education?

Hands-on experience

Outings are an important part of the projects, so the children can gather first-hand information from different sources. Museums, the beach, the botanical park…


Every family has its own setup, so we offer two options to adapt to your needs.

Half-day – 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

                         9.00am- 3.00pm

Full day – 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Qualified teachers

Learning with qualified teachers that build an environment with trust and love.

Generous pupil/teacher ratios

Small groups allow teachers and children to bond and provides time for personal attention and individual expression.

Separate space

Early years in Barcelona is separate from Tembo’s Daycare. To avoid distractions and keep the kids interested.

Our Tembo early years in Barcelona builds a learning and loving environment that shapes fully rounded little people

We’ve been having fun learning and discovering the world with children for what seems forever.

Native teachers. All the teachers are native (English and Spanish) so they can easily communicate with your child.

Gentle approach. It’s a big step from daycare to primary school and children adapt better with a gentle approach.

A longer childhood. To explore and learn through play with plenty fresh air and adventures. Like the children they still are.

The Tembo Tribe 3-5 (Early Years) in Barcelona is small so, fill in and send the form to book a place for your child.

We will contact you within 48 hours.

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