We would love to introduce ourselves and explain a little more about us, so that you understand why we are here, and what bought us here to create this project. We see Tembo club as not ours, but all of the families and children who currently share with us both the space and moments.


Kay Little

I am from the UK and a mother of two children, aged 2 and 6, and have worked with children for what feels like forever! I trained as an actress, which allowed me to give theatre and dance classes to children for years. I also worked in theatre in Education, trained as an assistant teacher, a baby sensory teacher, and a children’s entertainer! Prior to becoming a mother, I worked in a private boarding school in Australia as a teacher specialising in English and Physical Education, as well as being a boarding “housemother.”

When I arrived in Barcelona, I organised play groups in English, offering children the opportunity to learn English as a foreign language in a playful and natural environment. Subsequently, I decided to open a multilingual agency, “Little Linguist Learners” which has been offering language classes, cleaning services, babysitters, nannies and teachers for more than four years, alongside multilingual summer camps.

Living in a foreign country and having to reconcile daily family and work life as a mother of two children, without having close family support, make me aware of what many other families in my same situation live daily.


Celia Arroyo

Graduated in early childhood education (UAB-2014), director of leisure activities (both degrees awarded by the Pere Tarrés Foundation) and currently a student at the UOC of psychology.

From the beginning, my working life has always been focused on education, a fact that has allowed me to be in contact with children of different ages, families from different parts of the world and children with varied educational interests and needs.

The experience that I have gained working in different contexts: as a monitor in school canteens and in varied summer schools, as a children's entertainer in different hotels, in Soho house Barcelona as a nanny, as an educator in a parenting group and as a babysitter with different families, has given me the opportunity to learn from each and every professional with whom I have shared different work experiences.

In addition, I had the opportunity to live with a fantastic family and work as an Au pair in London.


It is from our past experiences and our current situations, that we wanted to start Tembo family club, with the objective of offering a wide space of play and development, with a variety of educational, recreational and sensory ideas. These ideas, in turn foster the curiosity of the little ones, from different challenges and lots of fun! In addition we offer services that give families the opportunity to enjoy the growth of your little ones, being able to share moments together in a space, where the parents can also relax, enjoy, and have a rare moment to themselves!


Tembo means elephant in Swahili and, in January 2019 both of us volunteered to work in Uganda, in order to collaborate in the construction of an orphanage and a school for local children. After going on a safari we found it interesting how elephants behave among themselves on a social level and how they care and protect for their young.

The elephants of the pack help each other in raising the little ones. From small, the females learn how to take care of the young and you know what? The more females you find in a pack the more the survival rate of the little ones increases.


Elephants have the ability to develop intimate and strong bonds between them.

Also, did you know that an Elephant is pregnant for almost two years… and we thought 9mmonths was a long time!! At birth, calves weigh about 90 kilograms and measure about a meter.

The love and tenderness is always present. They hug and kiss with their long trunks, demonstrating love to each other.