Every afternoon from 16.45 until 19.30 Monday to Friday, you can come and play, discover and learn together.

Weekends: On Saturday’s Tembo will be opening its doors from 10.30am until 1.30pm and then again from 4.30pm until 7.30pm for you and the family to play.

** If we have a private event such as a birthday party on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, we will close Tembo for a portion of the day. We will make this clear across all social media platforms as well as the website.

Below are the prices of the Ludoteca from Monday to Friday and the weekend / holidays


1 sporadic day 5€, siblings 2,50€
Bonus 5 days21€ (half price for siblings 10,50€)Consume in 1 month
Bonus 10 days43€ (half price for siblings 21,50€)Consume in 3 months