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“KEEP CALM AND HAVE SOME FUN” @Simply_play_with_mummy

Esta actividad que nos envíe @Simply_play_with_mummy es para lxs ás pequeñitxs.

La idea es meter en una caja diferentes objetos del niñx en una caja. Una vez los tenemos dentro creamos una tela de araña. Ahora lxs más pequeñxs tienen un reto, sacar los objetos superando la telaraña!

Muy buena idea @Simply_play_with_mummy seguro que tendremos a los peques un buen rato entretenidos. ¡Gracias!


This one is for the younger kids that are into EVERYTHING including cupboards, draws, and anything they shouldn’t be!! @Simply_play_with_mummy had this great idea of giving her daughter a proper challenge so created this spider web so she can practice her fine motor skills and grab things she is allowed too!! Thank you, what a great idea.

We hope this gave you a few moments to yourself.

Thank you @Simply_play_with_mummy !

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