Bring your kids to let off steam and have fun while you enjoy a relaxing sit-down and coffee.

* Due to Covid-19 restrictions the indoor play center remains closed for the time being.

Are your children bouncing off the walls and the weather is conspiring against you?

You need a lifesaver. A kid’s energy burner.

Need a place for a playdate?

Somewhere to meet up, treat yourself to a piece of cake, and have a chat while the kids play.

Would you like to play with your children somewhere special?

An indoor play center where adults are allowed to join their children in the play area. So you can share their adventures.

Discover Tembo´s Indoor Play Centre (ludoteca) in Barcelona. You’ll find a family oasis where time happily flies by.

Join your kid's fun

Take off your shoes and get ready to play. Explore together the sensory wall or transform into bears and roll around the floor.

Live magical moments with your child.

Relax and keep track

Tembo’s layout allows your kids to roam and have fun while you relax and sit down.

You can enjoy, in our Indoor Play Centre, a lovely cup of coffee and keep an eye on them from your seat.

Stimulating space

Feel the sense of freedom of this refurbished industrial building. High ceilings, natural light spilling in from the skylights.

The open space will unleash your child’s imagination, they will create and live adventures.

Baby and toddler safe

Your children will find a safe space where equipment and toys are designed for little ones.

They’ll discover sensory areas, train their motor skills and play in the fun stations.

Hi, we’re Tembo Indoor Play Centre in Barcelona. We want to help you find time to socialise, enjoy a quiet drink or have a whale of a time with your children.

Tembo was founded by an ex-pat and a local with years of experience entertaining kids and teaching through play. 

They meshed their knowledge and differences into a multicultural environment. To help ease your life. To offer families a place to relax and be happy.

What happy families that have played and relaxed in Tembo say:

We’ve been several times to Tembo with our little one to spend the afternoon or to celebrate Halloween or Carnival. And we’ve always had a brilliant time (children and adults). The space is beautiful and perfect to have a drink while they play or spend time playing with the children.”

Izumi Shoji

A special place. We discovered when we were looking for somewhere to spend the afternoon with the little ones. Now we just can’t do without it.”

Paola Rodriguez

At Tembo, not only is the care for the kids outstanding, but also the amount and variety of activities. Museums, the beach, parks, water games, a theater workshop, the fire station, and even a professional photo session. The kids are outside and on some kind of excursion almost every day. And the low teacher/kid ratio ensures that kids get individual attention and stay safe when they are out and about. We love Tembo!”



When can you pop into Tembo's Indoor Play Centre (ludoteca) in Barcelona?


In summer we’re fully booked up with the camps so the play centre remains closed.


From 5.00 pm until 7.30 pm

A different after school or a relaxing afternoon


From 10.30 am until 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm until 7.30 pm

To spend family time.

Tembo's Ludoteca options


5€ for 3 hours
Siblings 2,50€


21€ for five 3 hour sessions
Siblings 10,50€
You’ve got a whole month to use it.


43€ for ten 3 hour sessions
Siblings 21,50€
You have three months to use it.

Days are happier after all the family have enjoyed a fun time together.

Are you ready to let time fly by in Tembo?

Come join your kids in the play area or have a drink while they let off steam.