Stay near your child and increase your productivity

In Tembo’s family-friendly Coworking, your child enjoys fun time and makes friends while you get work done.

Working from home is great but is harder than it seems.

When your children aren’t climbing on you or wailing for attention in the middle of a telephone call, they’re asking one question after the other. 

They create interruptions that creep into your work time and won’t allow you to finish your business tasks.

Yet you don’t want to give up playing an important role in your child’s care nor your job or business.

That’s why you need a family-friendly Coworking space where you can work and stay close to your child

Think of it, a place that:

Allows you to telework, to get through your tasks smoothly.

It’s a relief to find time to work while knowing your child is being cared for.

Answers perfectly to your freelance working mum/dad status.

You enjoy uninterrupted work, and your child plays and learns with loving carers.

Enables you to set up your business and stay near your child.

To continue being a mother while you advance in your business project.

Tembo meshes in one building, a bilingual Daycare, an Indoor Playground and a family-friendly Coworking so, it’s the answer to your prayers.

What you will love about Tembo Coworking:

Overlooks the daycare/playground
So you can take a reassuring peep at your child, without being seen, before continuing work.

Plenty of natural light
This refurbished industrial building has skylights that let the sunlight pour in.

Comfortable space
It has big uncluttered tables and comfy sofas that make it feel more like an extension of your home than an office.

Barcelona center
Right by the Ronda del Litoral. A 5-minute walk from Tres Chimeneas car park and a 3-minute walk from the Drassanes metro station (Las Ramblas).

Our family-friendly Coworking is great for business and children.

Hello, we’re Tembo Family Club and we know that having a support network helps your family thrive.

That’s why Kay and Celia, the founders, started Tembo to provide a circle of people that cares for your family and supports you. 

They know that allowing you to find work time, family time and me time, makes your life much easier.

If your children are happy, you can relax, and both of you can blossom.

What Tembo Coworking mums and dads say about us.

Open, luminous play space with an overlooking coworking area for parents. Warm, experienced and bilingual caregivers in a very flexible daycare that adapts to our needs and not the other way around. Our kids are happy, and we are very thankful to have found Tembo!”

Graciela Grey

When can you enjoy the Coworking service?

The family-friendly Coworking space can be used from:

September to May. Once daycare starts.

9.00 am until 12.00 pm – Coinciding with our morning bilingual Daycare and Tembo Tribe 3-5 service.

4.30 pm until 7.30 pm – Coinciding with our Indoor Play Center service (Ludoteca) 

** Due to Covid 19, we temporarily do not offer the afternoon time slot.

If you come in the morning time slot, your child can join the excursions with the bilingual Daycare or Tembo Tribe 3-5  group.

Explore our Coworking options

Day coworking

11 € for a 3-hour time slot


Week coworking bonus

52€ for five 3-hour time slots. 

Fortnight coworking bonus

70€ for ten 3-hour time slots. It includes an extra free 3-hour session after the bonus is completed.

** The family-friendly Coworking prices don’t include Daycare, Tembo Tribe 3-5 or Indoor Playground (Ludoteca) services.

Do you have questions about our Coworking service?

During camps, we’re in and out all day so, the Coworking space is closed.

There is no expiry date so feel free to come whenever you need to.

Are you ready to boost your productivity?