Need to get work done, but have children crawling/ walking around, and constantly interrupting you? Working from home always sounds much better than the actual reality, which more often than not involves cold cups of coffee, 100 requests for the same thing, and the end result...not much work being done!!

If you can relate to this Tembo is here to save your working day. You can now work in Tembo while your children are being looked after by us.
They can even enjoy the excursions with us, and the daycare.

The co working space can be used from 9am until 12pm and/or 4.30pm until 7.30pm (Ludoteca time).
The price is 11Euros for every 3 hour time slot, and includes a drink.

We also offer a bonus of 5 sessions of 3 hours for 52Euros as well as 10 sessions of 95Euros, and a free drink every time you enter.

Your prayers are now answered!