Celebrate a smooth birthday party with plenty of space for fun and freedom and a piece of cake for you

You love birthday parties (so do we), especially if it’s your child’s birthday. It’s a great moment to make them feel special and loved.

But you hate all the hassle.

  • ● Preparation planning, ordering, and buying.
  • ● Coming up with fun theme games.
  • ● Entertaining the kids.
  • ● Cleaning up the mess, before and after.

And your “plate” is already full.

Why not enjoy your child’s special day from end to end at Tembo Birthday Party in Barcelona?

Whether you want a tailored party, a different party, or just a perfect venue, Tembo has a huge space to fit you in.

Gather family and friends and turn your daughter or son’s day into a huge success.

Whichever fun option you choose, it’s bound to end the same way: a very happy little boy or girl, children grinning from ear to ear, and relaxed adults.

Take a look at our 4 Birthday Party options.


Show up with your camera and enjoy your child’s party with your family and friends. Skip thinking about party logistics.

We take care of it all: food, decoration, piñatas, cake, entertainment, activities, photographer… You name it.

You can choose between 5 time and day slots:

Fridays – 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Saturdays – 10.30am to 13.30 pm – 4.30pm to 7.30pm
Sundays – 10.30am to 13.30 pm – 4.30pm to 7.30pm


Your children are at the age where celebrating at home with a game of pass the parcel and a few balloons just won’t cut it.

At our Pyjama Parties, we play chefs. We prepare and eat our pizzas, and watch a movie with a bowl of yummy popcorn crisps.

To finish the evening, we read them a bedtime story, so they’ll be ready for bed by pickup time.

Birthday drop off time is 6.00 pm and pick up at 9.00 pm.

You can invite a maximum of 20 children.


Your child is dead-set on a sleepover party and you don’t feel up to the mess and noise.

Let them come celebrate with us either Friday or Saturday night.

We’ll dine together and then watch a movie eating popcorn crisps. We’ll play games followed by a bedtime story and relax before going to sleep.

Next day, your child will wake up to a yummy breakfast and more fun before pick-up.

Party drop off time is 7.30 pm and pick up the next day at 9.30 am.

They can invite up to 12 friends if they’re 6 years old or over.


Looking for simple straightforward fun.

You only wish to rent the space to gather family and friends and a fun area for the kids.

You will take care of all the details (big and small) because you love organising parties and giving them your personal touch.

If you need entertainment ideas take a look at our activities page.

You can choose between 5 time and day slots:

Fridays – 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm
Saturdays – 10.30am to 13.30 pm – 4.30pm to 7.30pm
Sundays – 10.30am to 13.30 pm – 4.30pm to 7.30pm

If you choose an unforgettable kiddies’ party at TEMBO one thing is sure: it’ll be a huge success with children and adults.

Hi, we’re Tembo, in Barcelona, and we’re going to help you enjoy your child’s special day.

Tembo was founded by an expat and a well-travelled local. They both understand the meaning of living in a new country and missing your support network. They know families need a happy place that looks after both children and parents. Makes their life easier.

So we have years of experience entertaining children and organising kid’s activities in Tembo. We can help make your child’s special day stress less and enjoyable.

One party at a time

You will feel at home because both grown-ups and children are catered to, cared for, and relaxed. It won’t feel like a zoo.

Huge and beautiful space

With lots of natural light and plenty of room for the children to safely run around, play, and have fun. Savor the freedom.

Café area

We have a café right by the play area where you can have a drink, talk and keep an eye on the children.

What did other parents that enjoyed a Tembo Birthday Party in Barcelona think?

We hired Tembo Family Club for our playgroup Christmas party. It was a beautiful space, and Kay and Celia were extremely helpful and friendly at all times. The families who came along really loved the place. The toys and materials are amazing and we loved the way you have designed the space. The thing that stood out most for me was that Kay’s answer to my (many!) questions was always a yes 🙂 We all had a great time and will come back next year. Thank you!”

Sarah Y

Last Saturday we reserved the space to celebrate my little one’s birthday and it was a complete success. The kids spent all afternoon there and had a great time. They did activities with Celia (dance, handicrafts, etc). We were all delighted, both adults and children. We’re sure to repeat the experience. Thanks Celia for everything, it was perfect.

Izumi Shoji

Since I first visited Tembo I knew it was the ideal place to celebrate my 3-year-old son’s birthday. The space is huge and the kids had a brilliant time. But the best is the team behind the project. Kay and Celia make sure everything works out as agreed during the party. Celia even helped us decorate. It was an amazing day. And the best present was to see my child’s happy face on his birthday.”

Sara Orozco

What’s the value of turning a party into a huge success and making it easier for you?


Relax, let us ease your workload and take away the hassle.

Let us know what you need or tell us the idea you are mulling over.

We’ll send you suggestions, ideas and a budget for your child’s tailored Birthday Party.


Allow your child to share new experiences with their friends.

Contact us for an exact quote

*The price includes:

  • at least 2 bilingual (English and Spanish) carers
  • up to 15 children.

*Doesn’t include the cake nor the decorations.

Additional 5€ per child for every extra child.

Additional 25€ for 30 extra minutes at the end of the party.


Invite your child’s friends to a sleepover on Friday or Saturday night.

Contact us for an exact quote

*The price includes:

  • at least 2 bilingual (English and Spanish) carers
  • up to 12 children.

*The price is regardless of how many children attend.

*Doesn’t include the cake nor the decorations.


Reserve the space and bring your own food, drink, and decorations.

Contact us for an exact quote

*The price includes:

  • ● 3-hour rent of the main downstairs area
  • ● cleaning service at the end of the party.

Additional 5€ per child for every extra child.

Got questions?

Yes but remember that after-party cleanup doesn’t include washing up your dishes (if you bring them along too).

You can arrive at the most an hour beforehand to set up for your party. If you need longer it is 25€ for an extra half an hour, and 50€ for an extra hour.

Yes. You can bring your own food and request any extras you might need.

Yes, it’s possible to rent (it’s the coworking area).

Yes, you just have to advise us and we will add it to your total bill.

We allow a half an hour “window” for you to pack up and say your goodbyes. If you exceed this, then you will be charged accordingly.

Let’s party in pyjamas: toothbrush, toothpaste, and pyjamas.
Sleepover fun: toothbrush, toothpaste, pyjamas, hairbrush, teddy, favourite pillow, and a sleeping bag.

We call them popcorn crisps because popcorn is what you normally eat watching a film. But we prefer crisps as the little ones find them easier to eat.

Yes, to save your date you must make a down payment.

Throw your kiddies’ an unforgettable Birthday Party at Tembo in Barcelona.

Ensure both grown-ups and little ones feel catered to, cared for, and relaxed.

Remember we only celebrate ONE party AT A TIME so make sure you book your date.

After you fill in and send the booking form, we will contact you within 48 hours. To confirm the date and talk the details through.

    Option you are interested in

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